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Fox Fork Blowout at The Path Bike Shop

Ride Reports

Ride Report: 1st Training Road Ride of 2015

The Path Bike Shop Race Team on a training road cycling ridereport and photos by Eric (Auk) Akiyoshi, The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team
"In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team."
Alright, so it isn’t 1972, we weren't sent to prison, there were both men and women, we did more than “survive,” and we aren’t wanted by the government (as far as I know). Still, The Path Bike Shop’s “A-Team” road contingent was out in force today for a Santiago Canyon loop: 33 miles, 2,900 feet of climbing, and a hoot of a good time.  The ride was a mix of some hammerheads, some new to road riding, and some building a base for the coming race season. Although the group split a couple of times, there was always riding company for all involved.

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Ride Report: 2014 Hell Ride

2014 SART Hellride with mountain bike riders from The Path Bike ShopA few people from The Path Bike Shop participated in the 2014 Annual SART Hell Ride on Saturday November 1st, as part of the Bike For Bender ride series.

Bike for Bender is a local California non-profit organization that was founded in memory of Robert Bender, who lost his fight to cancer at the young age of 26. Proceeds from their annual hosted events benefit many local community groups, including High School Mountain Bike League Teams, Boy Scouts of America, fallen riders, cancer research institutions, as well as efforts to improve and develop local trails and cycling pathways.

Here are two ride perspectives from two of the participants from The Path Bike Shop staff and race team, congrats to all for toughing it out!

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Kona Team Meet Greet and MTB Ride

Kona Pro racers on a mountain bike with The Path Bike Shop team and friends at Santiago Oaks Regional ParkMembers of the Kona Race TeamBarry WicksKris Sneddon, and Spencer Paxson came out to The Path Bike Shop Tustin location last Thursday March 20, 2014 for a meet and greet with our friends, customers, staff, Path Bike Shop team racers, and Relampago team racers. Then it was off to Santiago Oaks Regional Park for a mountain bike ride. We had over 25 riders join in the fun! Ian and Jeff sported matching shirts and beards for the occasion.

The ride was followed by the all important recovery the Tustin Brewing Company.

Thanks to Kona Bicycles for your continued support of our shop and riders.  

Ian and Jeff matching shirts and beards at The Path Bike Shop MTB ride

Kona Race Team pros with The Path Bike Shop race team

Santa Ana Mountains SingleTrack Tour Part 2

Sunday Mountain bike ride in the Santa Anasby Jesse Peterson, Mechanic at The Path Bike Shop Live Oak

“He knew how to handle pain. You had to lie down with pain, not draw back away from it. You let yourself sort of move around the outside edge of pain like with cold water until you finally got up your nerve to take yourself in hand. Then you took a deep breath and dove in and let yourself sink down it clear to the bottom. And after you had been down inside pain a while you found that like with cold water it was not nearly as cold as you had thought it was when your muscles were cringing themselves away from the outside edge of it as you moved around it trying to get up your nerve. He knew pain.” ―  James Jones,  From Here to Eternity

   Although I know many things can be said about a simple ride through the Santa Anas, come Monday morning (a day after the Sunday Tour) I found myself short of words and still in thought. It is back to a busy life, enduring the tasks and responsibilities in this shared network we call "real life." Back to the grind. Seemingly uninspired I searched for a frame of reference that I could build a blurb about our Shop Ride with, and upon reading through a bunch of quotes about endurance, serenity replaced anxiety and my thoughts became simplified...making it much easier to type a short page on my MTB ride.

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Sunday Santa Ana Mountains SingleTrack Tour

Santa Anas MTB Rideby Jesse Peterson, Mechanic at The Path Bike Shop Live Oak

The Sunday Live Oak shop ride was well worth depriving myself of sleep to make, although a couple more hours of snoozing would have been so nice, but that's then and this is now.

I got to the shop at 6:50am, and to my disappointment, nobody was waiting there. I supposed a 21 mile single-track ride wasn't on people's agenda for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but I was soon proven wrong as Jeff (a fellow Sprockethead) pulled up into the driveway. I was relieved. On the way out of the parking lot, Jeff broke a chain (which we fixed with two rocks and tight MacGyver skills) just as Pat (a long-time Path groupie) showed up late to join us.

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Thanksgiving Day MTB Ride 2012

Maple Springs MTB ride with The Path Bike Shopreport and photos by Eric (Auk) Akiyoshi, The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team

The annual Path Bike Shop Turkey Day Ride rolled out of the Maple Springs trailhead at 6:30am or so with temps in the mid-forties.  Dense fog socked in the lowlands of Tustin, but at the trailhead, sunny skies and crisp weather welcomed 15 riders to conquer the Maple Springs pavement and experience epic views from Four Corners. 

Neil quickly moved to the lead position with Brian (The Lad), Melody, and Auk in tow with Gregg sweeping the rest of the group along.  Good spirits (literally and figuratively) were in store as group reformed at the transition to the dirt.  As the group gain elevation and rode out of the fog, blue, sunny skies greeted the group and conversations rolled on as easily as the climb to Four Corners.

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Liv/giant Women's Bike Demo

Bike ride at the women's Liv/giant demo day at The Path Bike Shop Live Oak location in Trabuco Canyon, CAThis past Saturday October 27th, 2012 was our Liv/giant demo day, held at the new Path Bike Shop Live Oak shop in Trabuco Canyon, CA. For those not familiar with the Liv/giant brand, they are exclusively women's cycling products: mountain bikes, road bikes, gear, and accessories.

Val came out from Liv/giant, she was a fantastic representative. She brought demo bikes and a display of products for customers to check out. About 15 demo bikes went out that day. We had a great group ride in the morning as well, with a quick pre-ride clinic to go over basic set-up and maintenance that's good to do before every ride.

Thanks to Liv/giant for making this special event possible, and a special thanks to all the ladies who came out for the day!


SHARE Poker Ride

2012 SHARE Whiting Ranch Poker Ride, with The Path Bike Shop volunteersLast Saturday September 29th was the SHARE Poker Ride, benefit for OC Parks. Great turnout, 350 riders came out to ride through Limestone Canyon and Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park.

Special thanks to our The Path Bike Shop employees and friends for coming to help out! Heather, Auk, Andy, and Jordan, way to represent.


A Visit To Kona HQ and Riding in Whistler

view of the Kona Bicycles warehouseby Tani Walling, Owner of The Path Bike Shop

Visiting Kona Bicycles Headquarters in Washington, then driving up to Whistler, B.C. - a trip I will always look back on with great pleasure.

Every summer for years, I have been telling myself that this would be the summer I would make it to Whistler. After years of letting myself down, I was beginning to lose hope. So when our long time friend and Kona rep Kelly invited me to join him for three days in Whistler following the 2013 Kona product launch, I jumped at the chance. We flew in to Bellingham, Washington on Wednesday August 22nd. We arrived at around 4PM, and before sunset, we were racing around Bellingham on Kona Dr. Good bikes. The team up at Kona all are passionate and ripping riders who really know how to share a good time.

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A Commuter's Story: "Extra Credit" Detour

Bike on road ridereport and photos by Eric (Auk) Akiyoshi, The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team

Eleven Point Two

It's 4:30 on a Monday afternoon, quittin' time!  It's been a long day of staring at rows and columns of numbers, getting blinded by the fluorescent glare, and wondering, "what am I doing chained to my desk on this beautiful day!?!?"  Progress on a project has been slow and the realization that it's going to be a grind of a week sets in.  Pushing back from my desk, I set off for home.
Seven miles is the length of the typical bike ride home.  The ride helps clear my mind and get the A-Game back on track to spend some quality time on the home front.  Pedaling from Irvine to Tustin along the suburban bike trails, a game time decision is made to grab some extra credit mileage before heading home…DETOUR!!!!

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4th of July Ride Recap

Group shot outside The Path Bike Shop Live Oak Center locationreport and photos by Eric (Auk) Akiyoshi, The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team

The chance to enjoy the independence that was declared by our forefathers on July 4, 1776 with a Path shop ride, what else could one ask for?  About 20 riders showed up for good times at the future Live Oak location of the Path Bike Shop.  The mood was light: with a rogue water gun roaming the area, Tallboy manuals abounding, and frequent explorations through the new location

At about 9:15, the troops were rallied and "BANG!"  enthusiastic pedaling reigned…for about 5 minutes.  Swooping and whooping through O'neill Regional Park and up into the trail system the group rode off.  Quite a motley crew, ranging from spandex clad XC racers, to Dickie-wearing-iPod-rockin' ol' timers, to patriotic jerseys, and a blend of every possible world all wrapped into one ride.  Heck, Brian Blair was even spotted riding a 26-inch Santa Cruz Blur TRc:  truly, armageddon was upon us!  GOTTA LOVE RIDES LIKE THIS!
Up through the live Oak trail system the ride progressed and tied back into the bottom of Live Oak Canyon Road.  Auk had to leave early and started pedaling up the hill.  Perhaps this is what inspired further enthusiastic pedaling as Neil took off shortly after and reeled him in, catching (and passing) him on the downhill towards Cook's Corner:  at 5'8" 155 lbs, Auk had no chance against Neil's 5'10" 205 frame.

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