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Bike Fit

Who can benefit from our Bike Fit services?

  • - People who are new to riding
  • - Experienced riders who have never had a bike fit, or have not had a fit in more than 5 years
  • - Cyclists who are experiencing cycling-related pain (hand numbness, foot numbness, neck pain, etc.)
  • - Cyclists with pre-existing pain or injuries
  • - Cyclists with leg length discrepancies
  • - Triathalon racers
  • - Long distance cyclists
  • - Everyone!

A properly fitting bike has many benefits:

  • - Improved riding comfort
  • - Improved riding performance
  • - Ability to ride longer, harder, and faster

Bike Fit sessions are made by appointment only on weekdays (sorry, no weekends). Give us a call and ask to speak with any of our bike fit techs to schedule your individual session.

Pricing & Scheduling

Cost is $60 per hour. A proper bike fit session usually takes about 2 hours total time. By appointment ONLY, no drop-ins. Contact Us to book your appointment.

About The Path Bike Shop Bike Fit Services

The Path Bike Shop Bike Fit is specifically designed with you in mind. We want to help every cyclist ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.

All our bike fit technicians here at The Path Bike Shop are trained to analyze each riders' unique biomechanics, pedal stroke, and body position. From the rider assessment that is taken during the fit consultation, they can optimize the bike and equipment to match the riders' unique physical riding profile.

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